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BLOODSTOCK – More Bands Announced (Festival News)

Bloodstock Metal Festival continues organizing and reorganizing the schedule or line up for the event which they are hopeful to be able to happen in August this year. Due to the ongoing issues with the pandemic Bloodywood from India have had to pull out. The good news is that they are already booked in for […]

THE L.A. MAYBE – Dirty Damn Tricks (Album Review)

An Introduction The L.A. Maybe are from the Carolinas in the USA who display a love of late 70s and mainly 1980s rock music. Hard rock, glam, sleaze and a smidgeon of Southern rock, they do it all. They make good time music in the main. The singer Alvi Robinson possesses a voice that can […]

BLOODSTOCK – 11 New Bands for 2021 (Festival News)

Full steam ahead Bloodstock Metal Festival are going full steam ahead preparing a metal feast in August. Hot on the heels of the additions of Kreator as Saturday night main headliner along with Seidrblot, Evile and Bloodshot Dawn come 11 new bands covering a wide spectrum of metal styles. There is a main stage performer […]

DVNE – Etemen Aenka (Album Review)

All Important Background Dvne are an Edinburgh-based band that formed back in 2013 and have one album previously to their name called Asheran which came out in 2017. The band write lyrics and stories it seems based around the work of the writer Frank Herbert and especially Dune from which it would appear they have taken […]

TURBYNE – Arc (Album Review)

About The Band Arc is the second album from Scottish progressive rock/metal outfit Turbyne. Their first came out back in 2015 but since then they have been writing as well as gigging including playing Bloodstock Metal Festival where this reviewer first came across them. Since the last album Origins And Endings, they have added a full-time […]

PHILM – Time Burner (Album Review)

An Introduction To The Band Philm are a 3-piece outfit who play music that is rock but yet kind of isn’t. The band used to have Dave Lombardo of Slayer fame sitting in the drum seat but they sound nothing like that. Bands or artists that I noted whilst listening included Black Sabbath, Syd Barret […]

MAUDIIR – La Part Du Diable – (EP Review)

“Who The “F” Is? Maudiir is a Canadian metal artist comprising of one guy called F. In the press release it said all instruments by F, all songs written, produced and mastered by F. I wondered who is this elusive character? Well, it mentioned he was a member of the band Trinity Blast. Looking them […]

GHOSTS OF SUNSET – Headed West (EP Review)

An Introduction Ghosts Of Sunset is the brainchild of two singer/songwriters and musicians called John Merchant and Todd Long. Headed West is a kind of a love story to the days of the 1980s glam or hair metal scene. The music is definitely in keeping with that era and the lyrics tell the story of […]

KORPIKLAANI – Jylha (Album Review)

About The Band Korpiklaani have been around in various forms since 1993 although they didn’t have that name until about 10 years later. They started as a folk band and slowly changed into more of a metal band but those original influences still remain. The band name means “The Forest Clan” hence the genre they […]