TRUCKER DIABLO - Tail End Of A Hurricane (Album Review)

TRUCKER DIABLO – Tail End Of A Hurricane

I first heard about Trucker Diablo on the CGCM podcast. The episode was a festival report that the Meister was doing for the Call of the Wild Festival. That was the first time I have heard of Trucker Diablo. I decided to look into them a bit more and was glad I did.  That was in 2019 and I started with the album that the Meister reviewed back in 2103 Songs of Iron. What a great choice to get a taste for what the band had to offer. I was hooked.

When I listen to music there are a few things that I want to hear, great guitars, good vocals, songs that are catchy have a good melody. This release has all of that and more. If you liked their previous songs like “Rebel”, “Drive” and “Drink Beer, Destroy” you will really love this album.

The Songs:

Tail End of a Hurricane is TRUCKER DIABLO at their very best. The album is filled with big choruses that you just can’t help but sing along to, great guitar riffs and solos, and fun hard-rocking, head bobbing, toe-tapping songs.

The album consists of 13 tracks that show the diversity of their songwriting abilities. I can do a track-by-track run down but I would be repeating myself on all of them saying it had great riffs, great vocals big choruses and very catchy. Instead, I will highlight some of my favourites.

“BTKOR” which stands for Big Truck Keep On Rolling, “Don’t Hold on to Hate”, and “Tail End of a Hurricane” are true hard rockers. ”Insects” stands out from the rest with its punk leanings. “This Burning Heart” has a Thin Lizzy feel.

There are a few that start off with a slower pace but pick up as the song progresses. “The Edge of Tonight” and “I Am Still Alive”. “Bury the Ocean” is an epic song that closes the album with great guitar work.


Tail End of a Hurricane is a great addition to the Trucker Diablo discography. If you’re new to the band this is a great album to start with and then go back to Songs of Iron and Fighting For Everything. Actually, the whole discography is worth checking out. The more I listen to them I think of Nickelback and how they have a knack for writing really good songs. You get that here with Trucker Diablo. So grab a beer crank up the stereo and enjoy a great album.

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Ivan Galesic




Tom Harte – Vocals and Guitar

Simon Haddock – Guitar and Backing Vocals

Jim McGurk – Bass and Backing Vocals

Terry Crawford – Drums


  1. BTKOR 4:07
  2. I am Still Alive 3:49
  3. Rock Kids of the ‘80s 3:50
  4. Don’t Hold on to Hate 5:06
  5. Set the Night on Fire 4:07
  6. Tail End of a Hurricane 4:11
  7. Insects 4:44
  8. The Edge of Tonight 3:32
  9. The Trade 3:52
  10. This Burning Heart 4:35
  11. Woodstock to Vietnam 3:34
  12. Slow Dance 2:53
  13. Bury the Ocean 5:37