Vandor - On a Moonlit Night


If you’re a power metal maniac then July 16, 2021, should be etched on your brain and anywhere else you can etch.

This is the release date of the latest Vandor album On a Moonlit Night and without giving any spoilers away, it is a fantastic piece of work.

According to the band’s official website, Vandor consists of Vide Bjerde on guitar and vocals, Alve Bjerde on bass and Jack L. Stroem on lead guitar. However, if you peruse the font of all metal knowledge, Encyclopaedia Metallum there is a drummer to add. Lova Krysell thrashes the skins to huge effect. Also, the latest promo pic has five band members as seen below, so your guess is as good as mine.


On a Moonlit Night delivers in every power metal department bar none. These Swedish metallers have all the bases covered from fantastical subject matter, to romping melody, to soaring choruses. And the rest.

There are clear nods to Helloween but they are the Gods of this genre after all. 

Alve Bjerde’s bass is at the forefront of all the music and is a real driver. Some may complain that it’s too forward in the mix but for me it’s spot on. I’m not comparing him to Lemmy or Steve Harris but he’s hugely influential on this album.

Kicking off the album-proper (after 30 seconds of “…Darkness Looms”) is “Mountains of Avagale” which immediately lets you know what you’re in for. There’s the slow build up to uber-fast riffing Helloween-style and we’re on the ride of your life.

No let-up

There’s no let-up in the power metal feel at all from Vandor but that is not to say it’s all speed. There are slower parts, emotional guitar work and prominent keyboards.

For something for everybody you need to look no further than the 17 min 30 epic that is “The Sword to End All Wars”. Holy moly, the word epic really does not do it justice. What a story, what musicianship, what a track!

I just can’t recommend this album highly enough which will be released via Scarlet Records.

Don’t forget kids, July 16, 2021 is the date, not long now!

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