BEST OF 2019 - Psychoone (Best of 2019)

BEST OF 2019 – Psychoone

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BEST OF 2019 – Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall (Writer) 🇨🇦

BEST OF 2019 - Psychoone

Making a top ten list of albums is NOT an easy task, no matter what anyone says. There have been so many great bands emerge, come to my attention, or simply regroup after many years and all have put out some stellar albums. Some I have played on an almost daily basis and some I have listened to and go back occasionally, but not on a constant basis. I’ll also admit, I’ve listened to some bands this past year that I’ve listened to the album and just filed it under “G” for garbage. That’s not saying it wasn’t good to some of you, it just didn’t fit into what I enjoy. I quite literally had a list made of 25 or more and started chipping away from there.

Then the guidelines hit me and that eliminated some live albums, compilations and EPs. Had EPs been in play, my #1 would read KICKIN VALENTINA – Chaos in Copenhagen! This actually made it a little simpler for me because with those out, I just simply looked into my iTunes and Spotify accounts and looked at what’s played the most from those 2019 albums and voila! So agree or not, but these are my top albums of 2019!

#10 – Alchemy – Dyadic 🇮🇹

A strong, hard-rocking, 50-minute album of great tunes, and great composition. An album that will have you going back time and time again and enjoying it more each time. This album has been an album that I keep reading to my personal playlist since my original review. Released March 29th from Street Symphonies Records/Burning Minds Music Group this album is still one I recommend to many seeking something new!


CGCM Album Review: Alchemy – Dyadic by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#9 – Whitesnake – Flesh and Blood 🇬🇧

A band that has stood the test of time and many line-up changes, but David Coverdale’s vocals remain strong as ever, as well as the Whitesnake sound. This 2019 release once again proves why this band has stood the test of time, with strong songs, and a stronger fanbase that spans the globe. Flesh & Blood holds a strong place in all the albums this legendary band has released, and even plays a little into its past with a couple of singles that came from it. A strong album from Frontiers Music SRL and the Whitesnake gang, the only thing that could be better is another new release!


CGCM Album Review: Whitesnake – Flesh & Blood by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#8 – Helix – Old School 🇨🇦

Being the first hard rock band I ever listened to way back in my 6th-grade year, Helix began a road for me that I’ve never really veered away from. Ever since then it’s been my favourite genre, and I’ve listened to every Helix album as it came out. Loved the throwback tunes on this release since they did come from old, forgotten tracks of yesteryear and originally feature guitar great Paul Hackman on many. Brian Volmer is and always will be a legendary great, up there with other vocal legends like Halford, Dickinson and Ozzy for me!


CGCM Quick Interview: Brian Vollmer by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#7 – Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild 🇸🇪

Loved the early stuff and this band just kept getting better. But having the Frontiers machine behind them has pushed this band with their last two releases into a new hemisphere. This is a perfect example of a band that has hit their sound and is increasing their fan base on a worldwide scale. Forever Wild is a quintessential album for anyone that loves this style of Hard Rock.


CGCM Album Review: Crazy Lixx – Forever Wild by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#6 – Viana – Forever Free 🇮🇹

From the moment I first listened to this album, I fell in love with it. Beautiful harmonies, fantastic guitars, and percussion, not to mention the lyrics themselves, this is basically a perfect album. Stefano Viana, Terry Brock, and Bryan Cole, and special appearance from John Roth make this album one that has never left my personal player since day one. It’s no secret when I talk to Stefano Viana, that I am awaiting his next release from him on Escape Music.


CGCM Album Review: Viana – Forever Free by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#5 – Aerodyne – Damnation 🇸🇪

From Rock of Angels Records and right into Damnation is this band Aerodyne. Hard-hitting and in your face with all killer, and no filler! Hard-hitting, and great melodic Hard Rock. If you’re looking for a newer band that will take no prisoners, I highly suggest that you check them out.


CGCM Album Review: Aerodyne – Damnation by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#4 – 99 Crimes – 99 Crimes 🇺🇸

Former Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys and Adrenaline Factor guitarist Paul Lidel comes out swinging with a new band, 99 Crimes on Perris Records. A bluesy, hard rock band that is simply fun, and enjoyable to listen too. Another band that has remained in constant rotation on my personal playlist and makes an appearance on another favourite compilation album I reviewed very recently. I’ve been told that there is new music coming in 2020!


CGCM Album Review: 99 Crimes – 99 Crimes by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


#3 – Crashdiet – Rust 🇸🇪

Crashdiet - BEST OF 2019 - PsychooneYes, I’ve heard their previous albums, and they are all great albums. But this album just seems to be a showcase of a band hitting their stride. Hard-hitting, in your face and full of that attitude that seems to be lacking in a lot of hard rock music these days. Another release from Frontiers Music SRL and Diet Records, this is one that, if you haven’t checked it out yet, you must!



#2 – Exxocet – Mighty Jungle 🇨🇱

Exxocet - BEST OF 2019 - PsychooneThis band has been on constant rotation for me. This and their first album Rock & Roll Under Attack actually. The band recently announced the biggest show they’ve ever had in their careers, being the Domination Festival May 2nd, 2020 in Mexico City. I expect to hear another album from this Chilean band in 2020, or at least I am hoping too. Regardless, I am more than positive that there are great things for this band coming!


CGCM Album Review: Exxocet – Mighty Jungle by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


The Envelope Please…

Now it’s that time. My number one pick for 2019. With so many bands releasing some good music, it’s not an easy choice for me. As I mentioned before, I literally had to go to my playlists on Spotify and iTunes and look at my play counts to see what appealed to me the most to just keep hitting that play button. Not to say there hasn’t been some stellar music and some great bands coming out from all over the world. There seems to be a huge resurgence of Sleazy hard rock music again and I for one could not be happier about it. It would have been much easier to make a top 25 list, but my CGCM compadres all agreed that we couldn’t have EPs, Live albums or Compilation albums. I might have had a different list if that was changed, but then again, my list might still have been close to what it is. So, time to get to my personal #1 album of the year…

#1 – Madhouse – Money Talks & Bullshit Walks 🇦🇹

Madhouse - BEST OF 2019 - PsychooneFrom the moment I put this album on, I was grinning ear to ear. Everything about it I loved. The album artwork, the title, the song titles and especially the music. It literally had me feeling like I was 17 again and rocking out like I used too. With hints of RATT, Motley Crue, and all those strip era bands, I personally think that if Madhouse would have been around in the heyday of those bands and that time frame that they would have been a giant band. Great musicianship, fun lyrics, and sleazy attitude this album hasn’t left my personal player since day one. Looking at both of my playlists, it also ranked #1 on BOTH lists for most played as well, and that is why it is hitting my #1 spot for my top of 2019.


CGCM Album Review: Madhouse – Money Talks, Bullsit Walks by Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall


Psycho Thoughts

Please go check out all the above bands I’ve mentioned if you haven’t yet. If you want some great sleaze rock or some fantastic Hard Rock, then all these might be right up your alley. Also, be sure to check out the CGCM website for all our top ten lists. Maybe discover some new bands that you haven’t heard of. Click on the provided links to help support the bands and keep the music we all love and enjoy alive so that 2020 can bring us some more great albums and bands.

Until next time folks, I wish you all happy holidays no matter where you are on this earth, and remember life is too short not to smile, and rock out!

Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall

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