BLIND TIGERThird Eye Blind Tiger?

Formed in 2009 by high school best friends Andy and Charlie, Blind Tiger are a band with real talent and identity.  The band have had a long apprenticeship to get to the point of releasing their self-titled album.  They spent considerable time honing their craft and sharing the stage with the likes of Black Star Riders.

The band is made up of Charlie (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Lewis (lead guitar),  Andy (bass) and Damon (drums/percussion).  They are a wonderful combination of classic rock mixed with the Cult and Welsh warriors the Alarm.  In addition, they add some punk-pop and a dash of alternative metal.  There is something of Third Eye Blind in their approach, which is a fantastic canon to be in your arsenal.

The Debut

We recently had a hilarious Facebook chat among the writers of CGCM where many of my esteemed colleagues found Blind Tiger to be not to their taste.  However, there were one or two of us who liked the band and I spent a great deal of time listening to this album.  This has been a fantastic journey of discovery and I am convinced that Blind Tiger will be huge.  Call it a hunch, but this four-piece are something special.

The collection opens with deceptively mellow piano before the maelstrom of metal blasts through on “Good Man Down“.  I was blown away by melodic riffing and the vocals of Charlie, which remind me very much of Ian Astbury mixed with Mike Peters of the Alarm.  These were two of my musical heroes growing up, so I am extremely happy with the grooves within this record.  Strangely, neither of these bands were mentioned as influences and I do find those (such as Foo Fighters) somewhat odd – this band sounds nothing like Foo Fighters.  However, their Bon Jovi influence is heard on “Uneven“.  Sadly, this is not the best song on the album.

There are a hatful of real classics on this collection, including the mellow “Fallin’” and the beefy flex of “World of my Own“.  The record is as strong as you would expect from a band who has been developing their sound for so many years.  There is no real filler and the vibe gets your pulse racing.

Final Thoughts

The surprise release of 2020 (so far).  However, I am fully on board for support for Blind Tiger and hope you take the time to listen too.

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