CGCM Podcast EP#14

You Wanted the Best! You got the Kanadian Geeks as they deliver their first ever KISS themed episode. Wallygator and The Meister recorded the episode on the three year anniversary of KISS/Def Leppard/Kobra & The Lotus show at the then Molson Amphitheatre. As always many beers were harmed during the recording so the boys are in full on babble mode as they decide to engage in a little KISS Kompetition.

It’s a variation of the popular “Battle of the Playlists” but with a KISS twist. All 20 KISS studio albums plus the 4 1978 solo albums went into a hat. Live albums and greatest hits packages are NOT included. The Geeks take turns selecting SIX studio albums each. They will then assemble their individual Six Song KISS playlist representing the albums that they each have chosen.

Unlike the usual Battle of the Playlists, this will not be a blind vote as the listeners will know ahead of time who’s playlist is whose. This fact puts the Meister in a tizzy as he whines and complains throughout that this somehow gives Wallygator some sort of unfair advantage.

When its all said and done you get to hear 12 awesome KISS tunes so there really is no losers here. With that said we encourage everyone to get out and vote for the KISSLIST that you love the best. Wallygator’s Kisslist A or The Meister’s KISSlist B. To vote check the Offical Pole on our Facebook Page. It’s a KISS KOMPETITION PEEPUL!