It’s been quite a while since the Canadian Geeks jumped into their hot air balloon and taken a trip. Fasten your seat belts as we go “Around The World In 80 Episodes“. This time Wallygator and the Meister set down in the land of the rising sun. Welcome everyone to JAPAN!

For those that may have not listened to any of our previous episodes from this series, it goes like this. Your hosts actually have to spend some time researching the hard rock and metal bands of the chosen country. This of course is something that almost resembles “work” but the good news is they can do the research while sipping on Rhythm & Brews and Cloven Hoof Rum. So don’t feel too sorry for them. Oh and they also get to uncover some great music.

As usual, before they jump on the bullet train the Geeks spin a couple of Dick In The Dirt Tracks. This week things go amiss as the Meister spins the Overdrivers and the song “Show Your Boobies” (Is anyone surprised by this?) and Wallygator calls an audible and also selects an Overdrivers tune. His pick “Dirty Girls Island”.

From there it is off to Japan for some sake, some sapporo beer, some sushi and some HEAVY METAL! A twelve pack of Japanese Metal awaits with music from…

Bridear, 44 Magnum, Band Maid, Dead End, Show-Ya, Sex Machinegun, Earthshaker, Double Dealer, Loudness, EZO/Flatbacker, Anthem and Saber Tiger.

It’s almost as much fun as those Japanese restaurants that cook up the food right in front of you!

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