Welcome to CGCM Podcast‘s Riot Radio! The Riot Radio concept: CGCM brings you a podcast episode with less talk and more rock. Terrestrial radio has become homogenized. Satellite radio falling to the same fate. Remember the days when radio played bands like Helix and AC/DC etc and not just the hits, but deep cuts and new music? How about a brand new band? One that you’ve never heard before, perhaps even a foreign band? Miss those days? Well, CGCM is bringing them back! That’s what our Riot Radio is all about! The co-hosts take turns each Riot Radio episode in playing solo DJ to spin some great Hard Rock/Metal music that you may be unfamiliar with and we feel needs to be showcased. You know…how terrestrial and satellite radio SHOULD be! Welcome to CGCM Podcast EP#90-Riot Radio Vol 14-MORC 2020 (Meister).

CGCM Podcast EP#90 Riot Radio Vol 14-MORC 2020 (Meister)


Tracklisting (CGCM Podcast EP#90-Riot Radio Vol. 14-MORC 2020):

TED POLEY“Monsters of Rock”

DIEMONDS“Hell is Full”

BLACK n BLUE“Hold On To 18”


CGCM Podcast EP#90-Riot Radio Vol. 14-MORC 2020HARDCORE SUPERSTAR“Electric Rider”


LIZZY BORDEN“Give ‘Em the Axe”

D-A-D“Monster Philosophy”

HEAVY PETTIN“In and Out of Love”

RAVEN“Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)”

DORO“I Rule the Ruins”

KIX“Blow My Fuse”

KEEL“United Nations”

Meister’s MORC 2020

Every year about this time, the feelings stir. I mean they are there all year long, but a level head takes precedence, quashing them into the darkness. I think to my self, this is the last time. More so ahead of this one than any other as this is my tenth. And let’s face it 10 is a nice round number. But really, who the hell am I kidding? We all know that I’m returning. The excitement that you blocked out all year long (I’m literally unbearable to live or work with if I let it out) finally gains a foothold and begins to build. Soon it will once again become uncontainable. I’m talking, of course as if you didn’t catch on by the artwork, about the Monsters of Rock Cruise.

So this year here on CGCM Podcast’s Riot Radio, I’m going to share some of my cruise experiences past and feature music from 12 of the near 50, that’s right 50 bands on board Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas cruise ship. We set sail from the port of Fort Lauderdale on February 8 for 4 and a half days, visiting ports of call in Cozumel and Belize, 2 full days at sea and returning February 13th, 2020.

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