DAXX & ROXANE 2nd Album Kickstarter (News)Daxx & Roxane is heading back to the studio to record their sophomore album, set for release early 2020! You can hear a short interview with Daxx & Roxane as well as some tunes in CGCM Podcast EP#75-HRH Sleaze Recap. Here’s the details straight from their DAXX & ROXANE 2nd Album Kickstarter page:


We are setting up this campaign to help us fund the project and make this the best it can be. It is a huge investment and we wouldn’t be able to achieve it without the support from our fans. We have come up with some great rewards in return for supporting Daxx & Roxane and helping bringing this new album to life!

The album will be produced by Colin Parkinson and engineered by Moises Zetina at Westway Records Studios in London. We plan to spend 2 weeks in the studio in December to get it all done.

All backers will get and exclusive instant download to a very early stage demo of a track featured on the album.

Daxx & Roxane is:

  • “Tooth-and-nail, testosterone-powered rock.”  Kerrang!
  • “Daxx & Roxane are on the fast track to Superstardom…” Hard Rock Hell Mag 
  • “It sounds incredible, absolutely huge.” Powerplay Mag
  • 40 weeks on the Planet Rock Radio playlist (4 singles)

Originally from Montreux Switzerland, Daxx & Roxane are four childhood friends who packed their rock n’ roll dreams in their bags and booked a one way ticket to London to pursue a musical career. Releasing a debut album “Ticket To Rock” in 2017, they made a name for themselves with great rock press reviews and 4 singles being picked up by the Planet Rock Radio playlist. Daxx & Roxane toured extensively across the UK, as well as playing in front of large audiences at the world famous Montreux Jazz Festival or supporting Finish rockers HIM on their sold out farewell show at the Roundhouse in London.

  •  Cedric Pfister on Vocals/Bass
  •  Luca Senaldi on Drums
  •  Cal Wymann on Lead Guitar
  •  Simon Golaz on Rhythm Guitar/Harmonica

Click on the links below to check out some of our music videos, this is what Daxx & Roxane is all about!

  •  Ticket To Rock The title track and first single of our debut album
  •  Lust & Love Slow and sleazy blues also taken from our debut album
  •  Junk Food Hangover Recorded live at Westway Records and released as a stand-alone single
  •  Someone I Love Which came out as a single earlier this year and will be re-recorded for this album
  •  Interstellar Featuring Deep Purple’s Don Airey on keyboard and a crazy space odyssey video

Album Costs: £10’600

  • Studio/Engineer/Producer : £7’850
  • Mixing : £1’650
  • Mastering : £1’100

These are the main production costs for creating an album how we want it to be.  Any extra money made will allow us to invest in our PR campaign, design some new merch and help tour with this beast. Yes, it’s going to be tight but it’s got to be right!

Thank you for your support!

Risks and challenges

We are on a tight schedule to release the album. We thought hard on our timeline and set ourselves realistic goals to be able to achieve and deliver the project the way we want it to be. We are confident we are going to produce an album that will bring Daxx & Roxane to a new level.

Our biggest challenge is funding the album. We have set a £10’000 goal which would cover the main recording and production costs of the album. Our stretch target of £15’000 would help us put money behind music videos, more merch, but most importantly promotion. The more we can invest in a PR campaign, the further our music will go!