Hailing from Sweden, Eleine is back with the new EP All Shall Burn. With heavy riffs, harsh growls, captivating vocals and beautiful symphonic arrangements Eleine has mesmerized fans all over the world.

Their self-titled debut album released in 2015 which followed up with several shows in Sweden. In 2016 they toured with Moonspell on their European tour. 2017 founding members Madeleine Liljestam and Rikard Ekberg launched their own record label, Algoth Records. 2018 Until the End, the follow up to the debut album was released and reached #1 spot in Swedish album sales charts. Liljestam and Ekberg have come a long way since Liljestam began working with Cardiac Records in 2011.

Madeleine has modeled on the cover of Scandinavian Tattoo Magazine and for several large alternative companies. For her grace and fluid movement on stage, we can give thanks to her training in the art of Bellydance.

Completing the lineup we have Ludwig Dante on guitar. With a couple of changes to the band in 2018 we have new members Jesper Sunnhagen on drums, and Anton Helgesson on bass.

I first heard of Eleine back in 2016 when I was checking out what bands I will be seeing at my first Sweden Rock Festival. I was instantly hooked, and what made it easier is that my wife is a belly dancer as well, so I had a real appreciation of Eleine’s photo and stage presence. Working exclusively with Decibel Geek at that time, I reached out to Madeleine to see about meeting up at the festival for an interview. Thanks to my co-interviewer RichThe MeisterDillon, we met up with the group and had a lot of fun with the interview. Sad to say with all the excitement we encountered a tech issue so half of it was never recorded. Their concert was outstanding and three years later I have been dying to see Eleine perform live again.

ELEINE – All Shall Burn (EP Review)

Eleine - All Shall Burn

It was great to hear that they would be releasing an EP in 2019. Let’s see how these 5 tracks stack up to their previous releases.

The new release starts off with the first single “Enemies”.  A powerful track with hard-hitting drums, great riffs, and very little growls. Madeline unquestionably shines with her stunning vocals throughout.

The title track, “All Shall Burn”, has two versions on this EP. Madeline is joined by the clean vocals of Rikard while he also adds a dark ambiance with his deep growls. The regular version gives us a heavier vibe to the song. The symphonic rendition has a cleaner sound, leaving the heavier guitar out of the texture of this version of the track.

The next title I know very well as a Rammstein fan “Mein Herz Brennt”. What can I say? An awesome cover as Rikard takes over most of the vocals on this track.

“Hell Moon (We Shall Never Die)” is from the 2018 release Until the End. On the new EP, Eleine redoes this track with more of a symphonic ambiance. A slower sound while canceling out the growls and adding the clean male vocals to accompany Madeline. The original is great and it is hard to say which is better as the new version is an amazing listen for all us symphonic fans.

Eleine - All Shall Burn

With 24 minutes gone by, this sure leaves me wanting more as the album ends. Overall two amazing brand new tracks, one cover, and 2 revamped songs. I will be looking to add this to my Eleine CD collection.

If you are a fan of Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, Sirenia, Tristania and of course Nightwish you will want to pick this new EP up then get their debut album and the 2018 released Until the End.



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