Every Mother's Nightmare - BacktraxxGrab your whiskey, some chaw, and get ready for some infectious grooves, and the guitar licks that can only come from one group. Every Mother’s Nightmare returns again with a remixing and remastering of one of their harder to find albums, Backtraxx. The boys remind us of the sound that gave them the edge in the music industry, carving their own path with their own rules and sound that has been many times replicated, but never duplicated!

The Band

Forming in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987 the band released this album under Perris Records in 2001. After hearing from fans that it was seemingly impossible to find, the band decided to release it again in 2019. Remastered by Bill Chavis for HighVolMusic and adding a few bonus tracks for their fans, once again Backtraxx gets a new life, and enters our music lovin’ lives.

The Album

With this album, you get all thirteen great Southern grooves you had on its previous release plus you get some new ones. Well, maybe not “New” per se, but new to your and my ears. You will find “Shotgun,” “Sunday,” and “Young Man Blues” all from the Backtraxx demo sessions. Just enough to wet the ears with something new, and to appease all the fans that have been seeking this album to no avail.

My Final Thoughts

Every Mother's Nightmare - Backtraxx

I simply love this album. It’s got everything a fan could want. Great production, great musicianship, and fantastically written music, that makes this listener crave more. So here it is finally folks. The one you have been seeking since 2001. In all its remastered glory, and it’s worth every penny of time you have been waiting!

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  1. Southern Way
  2. Muddy Water
  3. Seasons Change
  4. Ride The Train
  5. Lookin’ In
  6. Stoned On TV
  7. Dawg
  8. Sorrow
  9. River
  10. Outside The Circle
  11. Too Far Gone
  12. Bled
  13. Hidden
  14. Shotgun (Backtraxx Demo Sessions)
  15. Sunday (Backtraxx Demo Sessions)
  16. Young Man Blues (Backtraxx Demo Sessions)


  • Rick Ruhl – Vocals
  • John Guttery – Lead Guitar
  • Troy Fleming – Bass
  • Allan Bone – Drums
  • Travis Butler – Lead Guitar