World Of Terror

There are many bands out there, and many have their own story. Whether it be love and loss, or a tragedy, or just some stupid drunken tales. Not often I find a band with a backstory that actually I feel is quite moving and inspiring. The band Fatal Heaven released their debut album titled World of Terror recently, and I gotta say, it’s a hard-rocking, crunchy guitar, ass-kicking album. However, as I mentioned before, most bands have a backstory, and Fatal Heaven are no different.

Tragic Beginnings

Going back a few years to 2014, on a day with very heavy rainy conditions, Matthew August Kellerman was tragically killed at the age of 18. The morning of the fatal accident, he was planning his graduation party from high school but was late for an appointment and left and the last words anyone heard from him was asking his mother to please get as many invitations ready as possible, and thanked her, and headed into the car.

To this day the invitations are still sealed in the envelopes.

Five minutes from home, and Matthew was gone from this earth and taken from his family. Witnesses say that Matthew was speeding, and hydroplaned across the highway, spinning out of control, and was T-boned by another vehicle. Upon impact, Matthew‘s car flew up into the air and came down on a guardrail killing Matthew immediately.

It’s very possible that all of this could have been prevented if Matthew wasn’t speeding. This is like many teenagers out there today. They make good and bad choices while driving, and sometimes those choices can be deadly.

Guitars from Heaven

This takes us back to the band, Fatal Heaven. The guitarist of the band is Matthew’s brother, Logan Kellerman. Logan, like many young guitarists out there, aspires to be a world-renowned rockstar and see the world. A few years after the tragic death of his brother, Logan went out in 2017 and trademarked the band’s name and logo as a tribute to his late brother, and the music that he plays, and hopes, it can make others smile, and enjoy themselves. I personally am sure that Logan’s brother is smiling and playing along from above.

Meet the Band

Probably one of the most interesting things about Fatal Heaven is the diversity, and backgrounds of the band itself. Lisa Kellerman handles the vocals for World of Terror but aside from this she is a cellist with a Symphony Orchestra, Studied Broadway, Jazz, Pop and classical style of vocals. She has performed vocals for weddings, private parties, and even funerals. Lisa also wrote lyrics and vocal melodies for the Fatal Heaven album.

Handling the bass lines is Jeff Burger. His vocal & bass abilities landed him roles with bands like Steal Justice, Voodoo Lion, and now Fatal Heaven. Aggressive and passionate is what drives Jeff. Behind the drums sits the punisher of the skins. Joey DeSimone, known by his friends as Joey De is influenced by Jazz greats like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, and Joe Morello, but also by rock greats like Keith Moon, John Bonham, Carmine Appice, Tommy Aldridge, and the late Neil Peart. Needless to say, Joey De is more than a capable to drive a tune.

World of Terror

Getting into the album itself first I have to make a comment on the album artwork itself. I personally am not sure who created the cover artwork, but for a debut album, it’s pretty damn rocking. An image of a Warrior Angel clad in armour. Wielding a broadsword in one hand and a leashed Tiger in the other. Wings spread and bearing a rosary, its damn cool to see a band put some thought into their imagery.

The music, however, doesn’t disappoint either. With the opening track, you’re assaulted with a crunchy riff from both Logan, and Jeff, and some slamming drum from Joey. Lisa comes in with her vocals and shows no strain or force to hit those higher notes displaying her strong abilities of a great vocalist. The song “World of Terror” is not just the title track, but the first single to be released from the album. Be sure to listen to the fantastic guitar solo halfway into this one!

Stand Back, Watch Out” follows, and once again has that percussion/guitar duo in the beginning. The song is an inspirational song if you like to read into lyrics. About standing out and being true to oneself (at least that’s my take) and taking no crap. Individualism can be a good thing. Well played, and executed throughout, and easy to sing along with the chorus. I’m sure this is a crowd favourite.

Outrunning That Paranoid Devil

Third on the album is “Run from the Devil”. With a churning riff and steady backbeat, this is another track with another positive stance in its lyrics, proving that all heavier music doesn’t have to be doom and gloom. Sung in a lower key, it definitely adds to the feeling of the song, and carries it well.

In the midpoint of the album is “Paranoid Hell”. I love the opening of this song. Slamming drums, and hard and heavy riffs from the guitar and bass, and you’re pounding your head. Lisa sings her heart on this one, and it shows. To be honest, the whole band is just giving their best on this track. I’d personally think this track could and should be the next single off World of Terror.

God’s Gladiator

The Gladiator” (maybe the guy on the cover?!) is a fast-paced rocker that I’m sure causes carpal tunnel of the arm while playing it in the guitar. Excellent lyrics, hard riffs, and brutality on the drumheads, another personal favourite.

Rounding out the album are the last two tunes. “Deception” and “My Life Line”.  The rocker lies in the first-mentioned. Riffing throughout and some solid vocal performance here. Not this listener’s favourite track, but it is still worth a listen in my opinion. The album ends with “My Life Line”. A slower-paced track with a nice flow to it. Beautiful vocals here and it really showcases Lisa Kellerman’s voice and vocal abilities. If you listen to the lyrics, however, you can hear the heartfelt sentiment behind this song, and how (I’m guessing) personal this song is the memory of the lost brother. The only thing I’d personally change here is the song sequencing. Maybe flip the last two tracks, and end on an edgier track, but again, that’s just a personal opinion.

Psycho Thoughts

When I first stumbled upon Fatal Heaven, I’ll admit that being a “visual” guy, it was the logo and album artwork that drew me in. However, after listening to the album numerous times, I have truly come to appreciate the music a lot more. After finding their website, and reading the backstory, and history, I listened again with more open ears and discovered a layer to this album that I didn’t hear before. All I can suggest is that you give it a spin, and judge for yourself. Personally, I’d give this debut 2 thumbs up for sure!

Peace, and Keep Rockin’

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  1. World of Terror
  2. Stand Back, Watch Out
  3. Run From The Devil
  4. Paranoid Hell
  5. The Gladiator
  6. Deception
  7. My Life Line


  • Lisa Kellerman – Vocals
  • Logan Kellerman – Guitars
  • Jeff Burger – Bass
  • Joey DeSimone (a.k.a. – Joey De) – Drums