HOT BREATH - Rubbery Lips (April 09, 2021)

HOT BREATH – Rubbery Lips

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New release from: HOT BREATH – Rubbery Lips (April 09, 2021)

Hot Breath’s debut album Rubbery Lips will be released in spring 2021. For this record, the band teamed up with producer Mattias Nyberg (The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The Datsuns) who recorded and mixed the album. Rubbery Lips marks the real beginning of the band’s sweaty joyride. It’s a breathtaking debut with powerful vocals and thrilling riffs – like an intense kiss at the after-party that never ends.

The band was formed in 2018 by ex-members from Honeymoon Disease, Hypnos, and Grand. With a common ground of heavy rock, Hot Breath mixed their various pasts into one vibrating sound. This resulted in the self-titled EP which was released in October 2019 via The Sign Records. A well-acclaimed 6-track K.O, filled with pure lust and high energy rock ’n’ roll. The release was followed by a Swedish tour, with shows such as Nordfest, Skövde In Rock and The Sign Records traveling festival The Sign Fest.

During the spring of 2020, Hot Breath‘s lead singer Jennifer Israelsson received the 2020 year’s memorial Stämskruven. An award dedicated to the memory of RobertSträngenDahlqvist (The Hellacopters, Dundertåget, Thunder Express).

Take a deep breath and keep your eyes out for Hot Breath’s album release 2021. Rubbery Lips will be the soundtrack of your first and last drink. The one that makes you want to break your mirrors and dance through the night – like stray cats covered in glitter.

Hot Breath:

Jennifer Israelsson – Vocals and Guitar
Anton Frick Kallmin – Bas
Jimmy Karlsson – Drums
Karl Edfeldt – Guitar


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