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From the land of mountains, cheese, chocolate and tiny little knives comes the Rock Police! Swiss hard rock band Hysteria issued their Rock Police EP on March 14, 2020. And it’s a great 80s inspired slab of high energy riffy rock! In 2013 Hysteria was formed by Arni (guitar), Manu (bass/vocals) and Mäse (drums) and before long they were joined by Lucas (guitar). In 2017, Manu stepped back from the mic and Tom Hoochy Coo (uhh…Hoochy Coo? Seriously?) took over lead vocals. Later the same year they released their first 6-track EP Back To The Oldschool, recorded at Mack Music Studio. And now, they unveil the second EP, HysteriaRock Police!

HYSTERIA – Rock Police

From the first power chord, my ears perked up drawing me into the opening track “Rock Police”. If I get the lyrics correctly, they concern that one “know-it-all” guy in the crowd who thinks he’s better than the band on stage.

“Good Ol’ Times” has a rougher vocal delivery and follows the tones set out in “Rock Police”. However, it’s way less memorable than the opener IMO. “Fight Back” is more of a straight-up rocker and also the lone cut shy of the 4-minute mark. From the shortest track, we slide into the longest. “Teacher Next To Me” launches its five and a half minutes with some bluesy-ish slide guitar before opening out into a slower/mid-paced romp.

HYSTERIA - Rock Police

HYSTERIA – Rock Police

“Right Between The Eyes” hits you just there. In a strong battle with the opening title track for the best on Rock Police, this one should be brought up on charges for the assault it lays on you. Closing up this 6-pack we find “When Time Has Come”, another sing-along rocker.

Overall, a highly enjoyable listen of some energy fueled 80s inspired rock.

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