Lovekillers With Less TNT

Clean and harmonic vocals reign supreme, with absolutely no ounce of struggle or strain in this AOR Melodic Hard Rock release. TNT 80’s frontman Tony Harnell, lends his vocals, and musical talents to this new band from Frontiers Music SRL. Combined with the incredible guitar talent, and some amazing solos from Gianluca Ferro. To say this album is exceptional would be a harsh understatement.

Harnell writes many of the songs with another accomplished and impressive songwriter, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline, Revolution Saints and Kee of Hearts). Many of the songs on this album are good, strong Melodic Hard Rock. Some will even take you down a road paved with piano and synthesizers but quickly turn a corner from a suggested ballad into a fast-paced Hard Rock tune full of hard-hitting drums, and great guitar riffs.

Curve Balls

As we begin the journey, we are thrown that first curveball. A slow-building, melodic guitar is what we first get to hear, but it quickly changes, and the track, “Alive Again” begins. Killer well-written lyrics, smashing beats, fantastic riffs, and then Tony Harnell’s vocals. It’s a great song, proving once again that vocals can be an instrument onto itself!

Hurricane” comes in with an anthemic guitar riff. It slows down to make room for a little high-hat and then once again the vocals come in. The song then soars to new heights. Then the song is intertwined with a fresh rock track but still has the underlining’s of a strong power ballad feel that would have received constant rotation during the MTV Video era.

Radio Hits

To follow that is “Ball and Chain”. It kicks off with some more great guitars, and Harnell comes in with his powerful melodic vocals. This one is very radio-friendly I’d have to say. Not quite a ballad, but in that genre of radio hits. Still, any lover of AOR Melodic Hard Rock should enjoy this track.

Who Can We Run To” is the ballad that stands tall on this album. It begins with a beautiful piano sound, and then the drums and guitars come in. They pick up the songs for a bit then right back to the piano but this time with the lyrics. Beautifully written, a heartfelt ballad unfolds. This track is truly a heartstring puller.

Next up is the song, “Higher Again”. A more upbeat tempo and catchy guitars, this one is a catchy tune. I personally can see this one being a great video (if one was to be made). The chorus is a great sing-along style and would be a fun tune to do live. Killer guitar solo and toe-tapping percussions will make this song a crowd favourite.

More TNT Needed?

Across the Oceans” is another tune that really showcases the strong vocals of Harnell. A beautiful tune that I guess could be considered another ballad, but I’d rather say it’s another radio-friendly tune. It really reminds me of another album that came out in the early ’90s by a band called ALIAS. If you loved that album, then you will love this tune. It still has a blistering solo, and if you’re a lyric person, you will love the story it tells.

LOVEKILLERS feat. TONY HARNELL (Album Review)Rounding its way to the end is “Bring Me Back”. Another song that is a story with some cleverly written lyrics. No not a hard-hitting song, but a good tune regardless of its AOR influenced softer side. You don’t have to always have to have fist-pounding and headbanging type music to appeal to fans of Hard Melodic rock. Tony is surely showing his softer side in his writing capabilities on this album.

Now Or Never” is another track that could be a radio hit. Simple guitars and a driving beat carry this track from beginning to end. With a climbing chorus, and a stellar guitar solo around the mid-point, its worth hearing just for that.

I’ve decided to leave out a few songs to the listeners to judge on their own, but I will mention that last track on the album (unless you have the Japanese Edition) but anyone that has read any of my past reviews knows how I detest an album ending on a ballad.

I hate to say it, but this album falls into that category. “Set Me Free” is a good song. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a ballad, and especially a “Power Ballad” type tune. This does have some great guitars, but they fade off into the end of the tune like the album.

Psycho Thoughts

This album has a great beginning. As I’ve said throughout it truly showcases how a vocalist can be an instrument itself and should be in this style of music. Many great tunes here, but just not enough rock, and a little too heavy on the softer side. Would I recommend this album? Yes, I would. You may ask why? Well as much as I love Hard Rock and ass-kicking albums, I also enjoy a good melodic album as well. This album has many great songs, it’s just not all killer.

So if you’re like me, and love a great vocalist, some fantastic guitars, and well-written lyrics, then I’d suggest you give it a shot. If you want more of the hits and edgier songs, then I’d suggest maybe Tony’s original band TNT, or maybe the even more recently released Starbreaker. If you do listen to the Lovekillers Feat Tony Harnell, then leave a comment on your thoughts and opinions. Do you prefer his recent stuff, or would you rather prefer he stick to original sounds?


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  • Tony Harnell – Vocals
  • Gianluca Ferro – Guitars
  • Alessandro Del Vecchio – Bass & Keyboards
  • Edo Sala – Drums


  1. Alive Again
  2. Hurricane
  3. Ball And Chain
  4. Who Can We Run To
  5. Higher Again
  6. Across The Oceans
  7. Bring Me Back
  8. Now Or Never
  9. Heavily Broken
  10. No More Love
  11. Set Me Free
  12. Bring Me Back * (Acoustic Version avail. On Japanese Edition)