LŸNX – Lÿnx (EP Review)


It’s not often you can say a rock band formed after two members bonded over a Lewis Capaldi track, but that appears to be the case with Lÿnx. Vocalist Lazer Wild and lead guitarist Blade showed mutual admiration for “Someone You Loved” so they decided to cover the track. It was a successful collaboration and so Lÿnx came to fruition.

Joining Lazer and Blade are Fangs (yes, really) on bass and Flash on drums. With such a fun collection of names there’s only one road they’re taking and that’s the 80’s glam metal boulevard.


This self-titled debut by the guys from Calgary, Canada is a superb effort. In a nutshell, there are four original good-time party anthems plus one rock ballad. Added to that there’s the aforementioned cover of “Someone You Loved”. All the tracks are killer tunes in their own right but let’s delve a bit deeper.

Kicking us off in fine style is “Shout Out Loud”. It’s so tempting to want to add the word “it” and the track is not dissimilar to the Kiss klassic. The track is a call to arms to break out from the norm and follow your rock ‘n’ roll dreams. There’s a sleazy vibe running through it and also packs a real fist-pumping chorus.


All you need to know about “It’s Time to Party” is in the title. In case you’re in any doubt, here’s a verse to digest, “Let go of all your worries and all of your fears, It’s time to party baby raise your glasses for a cheers, It’s time to get wicked it’s time to get wild, It’s time to show you my devilish child”. There’s a firmer sleazy feel this time as the band demands you let yourself go. Ok, go on then…….

Next up is “Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight” and there’s a definite pattern emerging. This track is different because it is from the band’s point of view and how, no matter the day-to-day life situation, the guys are always up for a rockin’ night up on stage and will give it everything.

Things are taken down a notch or two on “Hold Me Tonight”. This is a rock ballad of the highest standard. The song’s pace, feel and mood hit all the right spots and the guitar solo is a perfect fit with no histrionics.

It’s back to hard rock and “That’s All I Wanted” is the hardest song on the EP. Crunching riffs are backed up with strong vocals full of intent and it’s a very strong track.


The final track is “Someone You Loved” and was always destined to make an appearance.

The Lewis Capaldi original is vocals and piano and this does not veer too far from that, at least early on. Lazer’s voice is perfectly suited to the track and it does bring a certain Shinedown feel to proceedings. As emotions rise so comes the introduction of guitars and drums with another quality Blade solo.


All in all, this is an excellent debut that was recorded in the most trying of circumstances and I am already looking forward to the first full-length Lÿnx album.

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