Marc Vanderburg - Phoenix from the Ashes

There is nothing better than opening your email to find a letter from a musician, trying to get out the word about their new album, and a link to be able to listen to it. Sometimes, yes it can be hit or miss, but the latest, and third album from Marc Vanderburg is defiantly a hit! Each track may feature a different singer, but that doesn’t distract from the cohesiveness of Phoenix from the Ashes.

Phoenix from the Ashes – The Review

The musical journey begins with “Odins Words.” A stunning Hard Rock song that you can’t help but think of a Manowar meets Malmsteen combination. Featuring Paulo Cuevas, on vocals, and a few other tracks on the album. This one grabbed me right away! The rest of the album is a Melodic and Hard Rock journey about the wars and atrocities in today’s world. It also tells the story of love during such times. Phoenix from the Ashes simply put is an album that is a great listen, and can make you think about the direction our world is going in.

The standout track on this one is, “You and I.” The vocals are none other than Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen, and countless others!). No, this isn’t a political song, but a very well written love song that flows straight from the ears to the heart.

Psychoone’s Final thoughts

Marc Vanderburg - Phoenix from the AshesActually, each track on here is very well written, produced, and played. Produced by Marc Vanderberg and Thorsten Eligehausen at DarkSIGN-Records, the guys have built truly a classic, Hard Rock/AOR album. I for one can hear the hard work that has gone into this album. Even Marc himself says that he and Thorsten have never worked as hard as they did on Phoenix. It truly shows!

So get out and grab yourself a copy of Phoenix from the Ashes listen to it for yourself. The musical journey you will embark upon will not disappoint any of you!

Peace, and Rock on!



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  1. Odin´s Words (Feat. Paulo Cuevas)
  2. Warsong (Feat. Philipp Meier)
  3. Legalize Crime (Feat. Paulo Cuevas)
  4. Phoenix from the Ashes (Feat. Oliver Monroe)
  5. You and I (Feat. Goran Edman)
  6. This Romance (Feat. Tåve Wanning & Chris Divine)
  7. Warlord (Feat. Raphael Gazal)
  8. Bad Blood (Feat. Oliver Monroe)
  9. Bitter Symphony (Feat. Raphael Gazal)
  10. My Darkest Hour (Feat. Paulo Cuevas)