MASS – Still Chained (Album Review)

Get ready of a full-on assault to the senses. MASS have returned! The newest upcoming release from the band proves that things get better with time. Welcome to MASSStill Chained.

Vocals getting belted out from Matthias Pfaller are strong and powerful, only to be backed up by Hans Heid ripping it up and down the fretboard. Throw in the powerful backbone of Günther V. Radny on bass, and Andreas Gmeinwieser pounding the drums, accented by Clemens Matejka on the keys you’re on the road to some great times. With some line-up changes since their breakup in 1987, they have come back stronger than ever with Still Chained. The album, on Pride and Joy Music, starts right outta the gate with the fist pounding “Back to the Music”.  Kinda fitting if you ask me, and it lets all the fans that they are BACK! After a few knock you out tunes there is a track called “Kick Your Ass”, and it does!

When I listen to this album, I try hard to find something that I don’t like. I just can’t seem to find anything. Admittedly, I like a LOT of music, and anything that gets me wanting to move or drive a little quicker down the highway, or reaching to turn the volume up is good in my books, and I’d take bets you will feel the same after giving it a listen. Sit back on this 65-minute Hard rocking journey, and just simply enjoy the ride. Just don’t get any speeding tickets.

MASS – Still Chained Tracks:

1. Back To The Music
2.Straight To Hell
3.Break Out
4.Kick Your Ass
6.Devil’s Gate
8.Dark Night
9.Shoot Out
10. Cry It Out
11. Born To Lose
12. Time Runs Out
13. War Law
14. It Is Done
15. We Are Back

MASS – Still Chained Line-up

Günther V. Radny (Bass)
Matthias Pfaller (Vocals)
Hannes Heid (Guitars)
Clemens Matejka (Keys)
Andreas Gmeinwieser (Drums)

Peace Out! #Supportthemusic #rockisntdead

Trevor “Psychoone” McDougall

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