Metal Immortal Festival IIMETAL IMMORTAL FESTIVAL II unveiled their full lineup poster on October 31, 2019. This event in its second year takes place in Pittsburgh in June of 2020.

Announcing one band per week over the past while, the full collection is presented in this art the talented Omnigraphicon.

Metal Immortal Festival is a heavy metal festival born in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, PA. Organized by Deborah Levine, singer of heavy metal band Lady Beast and with the help of the rest of her band, our goal is to bring amazing metal to our city. We book acts of old, and newer acts of today to create a community of heavy metal and to provide a professional and fun experience for the bands not only the fans!



bEWITCHER - mETAL iMMORTAL fESTIVAL iiMetal Immortal Festival would like to invite BEWITCHER to slay the stage!

Rock n’ roll is the devil’s music, and heavy metal is its bastard child. In the 1980s, the radical fundamentalist Christian right-wing in America waged a war against this music, bringing its practitioners and its unholy muse to the forefront of the public consciousness.
Over a quarter-century later, the devil’s rock n’ roll is still alive and well, but the war is far from over.

And so it came to pass…

In the year of Thirteen of Satan’s third millennium, a new force rises to defend the ways of old. Bewitcher is the ancient black flame of magic, mayhem, freedom & liberation, burning in blatant opposition to the laughable norms of this modern age. Instead, they look to that bygone era, before it’s pollution by imitators of a lesser intention when heavy metal in all it’s glory truly represented the tenets it was founded upon.

May your children be corrupted, may your foundations be shaken, may your mundane existences be forever altered, for this spell cannot be broken. Fall and obey! And beware the curse of the Bewitcher!



Solicitor - Metal Immortal Festival IIMetal Immortal Festival would like to welcome Solicitor to slay the stage!!!

“Formed in November 2018, SÖLICITÖR self-released a two-song demo in February of this year, setting the tone and pace for the momentum to follow. A reissue of their demo and subsequent 4 song S/T EP will be available through Cruz Del Sur/Gates of Hell Records Oct 25th. Their debut full-length is expected April 2020″



Metal Immortal Festival would like to invite Midnight to slay the stage!!!

By now, Midnight needs no introduction. Guided by the twisted muse of main man Athenar since 2003, this Cleveland cult has been slaying the metal/punk underground with their own, highly addictive brand of lust, filth, and sleaze, subsequently building up a sizable catalog and garnering a rabid fanbase. While there are certainly fanatics for the bands early EP work, it was Midnight‘s debut album, Satanic Royalty – released to international fanfare in 2011 – that entered the bands name into the annals of “Never one to rush things” (nor drop an EP along the way), Midnight continued their underground dominance with No Mercy for Mayhem in 2014, further perfecting their signature sound. The band’s massively anticipated third album, Sweet Death and Ecstasy, Athenar and co. showed the band return with their darkest and most daring.



Metal Immortal Festival would like to invite SOUL GRINDER to slay the stage next year!!!! Really happy for the success of their first album and love their uniqueness!

Soul Grinder is one of the fastest rising and most noticeable extreme metal acts to have emerged in the last three years” – Metal Assault

“The bubbling cauldron that is Soul Grinder contains a potion that will certainly rot you from the inside out” – Aris Hunter Wales, The Portland Mercury.

Soul Grinder from Portland, Oregon, unleashed their debut full-length album, The Prophecy of Blight in Summer 2019. Oozing a mix of Death, Thrash, and Traditional Heavy Metal. Soul Grinder has defiled stages in Canada and the West Coast since 2016.



Metal Immortal Festival would like to invite Exhumed to slay the stage!!!! Cannot wait to have these guys bring horror to Pittsburgh!!!!



Metal Immortal Festival 2 would like to invite SACRED FEW to slay the stage!!!!
Sacred Few is a Traditional Heavy Metal band from Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America, formed in 1977. Sandy Kruger‘s pipes are gonna blow you away!!!! Iron Kingdom was rereleased on Shadow Kingdom Records!


Who will I see there?


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