NORTHMAAN - Northmaan (March 26, 2021)


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New release from: NORTHMAAN – Northmaan (March 26, 2021)

NORTHMAAN release their self-titled album on Devfire Entertainment on March 26, 2020

The album was recorded at Northstone Studios – South Wales. It was recorded, produced and mixed by Jayce Lewis the renowned solo artist who has written and worked with the likes of – Queen, Gary Numan, Acid Reign, Robyn, Fear Factory.. and a member of ex-Fear Factory frontman Burton C.Bell‘s – Ascension of The Watchers.

A solo artist from the most Northern part of the UK, rising from a darker side of music, a culmination of anger and frustration, Northmaan‘s plight for blurring classic alt/metal styles such as industrial, doom and goth hit hard with every bit of a nostalgic undertone.

With a subject matter of musical corruption, embarrassment, religion, politics and capitalism… this composition of musical evaluation is a solid sound for 2021 and beyond.

Northmaan said – “This album came out of nowhere, so much has gone on for years, I have stood by the wayside and watched a beloved alternative industry, my industry become a commercial embarrassment! an audition! So…I felt it was time, someone or something had to be done, So, I brought back a classic formula, a missing sound! with hope to bring light to things that matter more now, than ever!

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