OZ - Forced Commandments (April 24, 2020)

OZ – Forced Commandments

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New release from: OZForced Commandments (April 24, 2020)

About 2,5 years have passed since the release of their much-acclaimed album Transition State – now OZ are back with full force and their new album entitled Forced Commandments!

The band’s 8th studio album sounds fresh and powerful, but OZ still have not forgotten their musical roots.

Roaring guitars, kick-ass solos, catchy lyrics, a driving rhythm section and powerful, sometimes high-pitched vocals will catapult you straight back to the good old days of classic heavy metal!

• The 8th album of the Scandinavian metal outfit OZ – available as a CD Digipak, limited edition Gatefold Vinyl LP in 3 different colours as well as download & stream.
• Produced by OZ and Mika Borgersen.
• Mixed and mastered by Lars Chriss & Mike Lind at Masterplant.
• Cover artwork by Carl-André Beckston / Blekkmark Design Studio.


1. Goin’ Down
2. Prison Of Time
3. Switchblade Alley
4. Revival
5. The Ritual
6. Spiders
7. Long And Lonely Road
8. Liar
9. Diving Into The Darkness (Bonus)
10. Break Out (Bonus)
11. Kingdom Of War (Bonus)
Ltd. Gatefold Vinyl LP


Vince Koivula – Lead Vocals
Juzzy Kangas – Guitars, Vocals
Johnny Cross – Guitars, Vocals
Peppi Peltola – Bass, Vocals
Mark Ruffneck – Drums

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