Now, how about something completely different, and new for a change. I’ve got another indie band to tell you about. This one came across my desk with an email from the lead singer, Joshua Ratcliff. He fronts a band named Resurgence.

This hard rock and heavy metal band from Australia is based in Grafton and Coffs Harbour in New South Wales. Their self-released debut album, Voices, was recorded, mixed and mastered at Old Dog Studios in Cornwall, NSW. This album is literally packed full of hard-hitting vocals, that punch you right in the guts. The vocals at times almost seem like a cross between Volbeat, and Pearl Jam meets Nirvana and a little punk thrown in. It is, however, really nice to hear that an Aussie band doesn’t always sound like AC/DC for a change! With all the comparisons being said however, Resurgence definitely have a sound unto themselves that has me going back, which is good because I never was big on Nirvana or Pearl Jam!

The Review

From the opening track of “Envy“, the catchy vocals and hard aggressive riffs catch you right away. This track is immediately where I heard the Volbeat styled vocals, but the playing is what really held my attention. The production on this track, to my ears, is just what this guy likes. Perfectly balanced, without any instrument (including the vocals) pushing each other to the side. It’s very well done here and throughout the whole album. The album goes on to assault you with some very interesting sounds. There is even a very heavy tune named “Game Over” that throws in a death growl!

Resurgence - VoicesVoices, endures it’s capture on having pure energy and emotions. Whether it’s about the demise of your favourite music era. Maybe it’s about dealing with something personal within. It might even be anxiety and learning to block out those things putting you down and listening to the ones that can pick you up, the guys cover it all lyrically here!

The emotions are right out in the open on Voices. I believe these guys are going to definitely find their way in the strange machine known as the music business. So if you want to try something new again, and like to discover the up and coming, then check these guys out! Let them, and me know what you think!!

Rock On!!


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  • Joshua Ratcliff – Vocals
  • Nick Townsend – Drums
  • Giovanni Demasi – Bass
  • Vincent Chaber – Guitar
  • Jason Mowle – Guitar


  1. Envy
  2. Black Arrow
  3. Falling Out
  4. Fatal Behaviour
  5. Punkwave
  6. Astrotraveller
  7. Honoured & Trusted
  8. Rock Island
  9. Walk Away
  10. Game Over
  11. Total Control