Roulette - Now!Finally, time to play RouletteNow! No, I don’t need Gamblers Anon, I mean more great music.

For those of you that care, I love all kinds of music. Yes, I mean all. As a result, I listen to everything from Country to Metal. I don’t, however, do Hip-Hop or Rap. With that being said, Rock it is! I need my catchy tunes, hooks, flowing guitars, thumping bass, and pounding drums. I’m also one that considers the vocals an instrument unto itself. I love great singing. It has to be understandable to my ears. Consequently that rules out the death growls tunes.

Regardless of my likes and dislikes, when I find a band that matches everything, I tell anyone that will listen to my ramblings about the band in question. After all, isn’t that what music is about? Imagine a world when only one person heard the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and didn’t spread the word. Inconceivable right? Having said that, I’m about to tell you about a great band.

Roulette isn’t exactly new, but they are one of Sweden’s most acclaimed AOR bands today! Not here in Canada, or even the US of A, but it’s time to change that with Roulette‘s album Now!.

Forming in 1985, the guys in Roulette have previously been in bands with bassist/vocalist Hansi Fellbrink. Throw in Thomas Lundgren on vocals, Magnus Nelin on guitar/vocals and Mats Nelin pounding the drums, and you have a recipe for success. These guys just click well together. The results speak for themselves. A couple of singles in 1988, and them doing their first full-length album, Better Late Than Never in 2008, these guys know the business. Now in 2019, they come back and bring us the next chapter with their newest full-length album from Black Lodge/Sound Pollution Distribution, entitled Now!

From the first track, “Never Enough” the guitars are in your face and backed with equally pounding percussion, and vocals. The melodic, well-written tune is enough to have you rocking in your seat. On track two, “Keep On Dreaming“, is a fantastic message to anyone with a goal, and mission in life. “Soldiers Of Love” is next. In your face guitars, a very melodic hook, and the vocals backed by a driving drum beat, this has single written all over it.

Coming in fourth is the song “We Can Make It“. A song with a statement to anyone in a relationship, that no matter what this world throws at us, the strong can survive. Ending the first half of this AOR/Melodic Rock masterpiece is “Secret Room“. Beautiful piano to start us off into this story. This song goes into a stunning visual of melody and a chorus that brings images of a video into your head.

In the old days, and again these days we would be flipping over the album in high anticipation of more magic the album would bring us. “Better Day” doesn’t disappoint. Another Melodic Rock piece, driving vocals, piercing guitars/bass, and air drum worthy beats, this is a tune that should have you singing along with the choruses before you know it. “Turn It Around” follows next, and once again, I found myself singing along and tapping my feet to the hooky beat.

Coming in third to last is “The Only Way“. This tune to my ears has a very Def Leppard influence buried in it. Maybe the time spent as a Def Leppard tribute band leaked in there a bit huh? In conclusion, I like the track, but it’s what my mind jumped to. A stand together message, with a positive vibe, sums up this tune well.

Second to last is “Another Night“. The lyrics to this one again tell the story of a lonely person, away from one that he loves. Or could be a road story, and being away from loved ones as well. It’s all up to the listener’s interpretation. Falling into last place on Now! is “Right By Your Side“. Another toe-tapping, finger drumming, tune with remarkable vocals, brilliant instrumentation, and hooks up the backside. This is a superb way to finish off a stunning album.

With everything being said, this album is for anyone that loves and listens to good music. If you wanna give your ears and senses a real gift, then get this album. You and anyone within earshot will be asking yourself, when will the next one be coming. I know I am.

Rock on and Raise the hoof!

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