SDI - 80s Metal Band (January 31, 2020)New release from: SDI80s Metal Band (January 31, 2020)

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Thirty-one years after their last full-length Mistreated, German speed metal veterans SDI are back with a new album! After their live comeback in 2013 and several shows, tours and festival appearances, the trio went to the studio this year where they recorded 12 new tracks, reflecting the band’s range from speed metal grenades to old-school metal anthems.

80s Metal Band is not only a description with which SDI feel represented in 2020 but also the motto and title of the new album which will be released on January 31st via MDD Records! The album will be released on CD, vinyl and MC! More info soon!

From Facebook:

1986: Founded in May 1986: Ralf Maunert, Reinhard Kruse, Franck Tiesing; Bloodsucker Demo (MC), Album Satans Defloration Incorporated at Scratchcore Records, Single live appearances in northern Germany

1987: Single appearances in northern Germany

1988: Album Sign of the Wicked at Scratchcore Records, Franck Tiesing was replaced by Rainer Rage, “Sign of the wicked tour ‘88” Germany

1989: Album Mistreated at Hot Blood Records

1990: European Tour 1990 (Italy, Hungary, Netherlands, Germany, etc)

1991: Czechoslovakian Tour ‘91; Split

2014: Reunion; Video “I don’t Care”

2015: Bloodsucker Demo 1986 is published as Vinyl edition by F.O.A.D-Records; European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany Metal Assault, Bulgary, Czech Rep., Slovakian Rep., Italy, etc)

2016: European Tour 2015/2016 (Germany Keep it True, Spain, Czech Rep., etc) Break (Ralf Maunert is still in the band, Christoph Olbrich joined the band

2017: Single appearances all over Europe (Czech Rep. Extreme Obscene, Germany, Bulgary, etc) Rainer Rage leaves the band; Daniel H. joins SDI and plays his first gig (the Tynfest/Czech Republic); Demo Ballrun Demo 2017

2018: Video recordings, Audio Recordings, Megamoshiberian tour 2018


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