STATION - Stained Glass (Album Review)Don’t Ever Change the Station!

According to Station‘s bio, “melodic hard rock has never died” and they’re “not looking to save it, just drag it back to the forefront where it belongs.” Maybe the guys need to also include the fact that this is melodic rock originating from the great Eighties.  Their bio also describes their sound as eloquently as I could, “driving hooks, choruses you’ll be singing long after hearing them and a work ethic as strong as their riffs have been the band’s calling card since their formation in 2011.

Co-founded by guitarist Chris Lane and vocalist Patrick Kearney, Station are based in New York City, but have toured the country, having played Rocklahoma three times, as well as the M3 Festival, Musikfest and hundreds of shows to the Mississippi and beyond. The band, which also includes Emi Asta and Tony Baptist, have shared the stage with the likes of Y&T, Pat Benatar, Lynch Mob, and Dio’s Disciples.

Stained Glass

This 11 track collection brings energy, freshness and vibrant emotion to a grey world.  2019 is going to be remembered as a fantastic year for melodic rock/metal with fantastic releases from Art Nation, X-Romance and Eclipse, and Stained Glass continues this home run.

The first thing you notice is the crystal clear digital production and the depth it gives the songs.  This gives it a higher Coxy ranking, as I find it difficult to enjoy records that have a muddy mushy feel.  The next thing you will notice is the class of the songs.  They will never win prizes for originality, but the energy sparks and they are from the heart.  “Still Here” breathes out a Bon Jovi vibe, but it is still distinctly Station.  Likewise, the class of rockers such as “A Matter of Time” and “Nothin’ but Love” will impress.

Station – A Channel You Can Trust?

I think I will defer to my learned friend Sparky, who best summed up this record with “Station couldn’t be more 80’s if they had shoulder pads and massive hair.”  Sweet!

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