Steel Prophet - The God MachineAfter a hard day working retail (which I do) sometimes you’re angry, pissed off, and left wondering about the lack of smarts left in this world. Either way you just sometimes need that something to help you release the demons of the day. Sometimes you just need some good, loud HEAVY METAL!!

I’m thinking it might be time for the latest album from Steel Prophet. They are back with a massive sounding heavy metal album, that should be topping any metal heads list for 2019. It’s been five years since their last album Omniscient. Since then the band has recruited new singer, and producer, R.D. Liapakis of Mystic Prophecy and Devils Train. His uniquely ranging vocals pair up perfectly with the songs on The God Machine for Rock Of Angel Records.

The Band

Alongside R.D. is Steve Kachinsky, on lead and rhythm guitars as well as keyboards. Together they are responsible for the songwriting and production process of the album. The drum sounds from John ‘JT’ Tarascio are thunderous and huge and blend that old-school feeling you get in classic heavy metal albums while sounding fresh and up to date at the same time. The dual guitar sounds and blistering, fast & furious melodic riffs and solos come from Jon Paget. His solos are extremely complimented by some massively thick and heavy bass lines that anchor any song provided by Vince Dennis (Body Count, ex-World in Pain, ex-Dia de Los Muertos, ex-Tourniquet, ex-Prong (live), ex-Obscene Gesture)

Each song is a delicious morsel on its own. The album has elements of thrash, doom, and even some melodicism can be found in the band’s sound. If you live and breathe Heavy Metal you will be knocked unconscious by The God Machine in its entirety.

Steve Kachinsky and R.D. Liapakis handled all the production on this masterpiece. Also, The God Machine had an award-winning producer Henrik Udd mix and master this disk at Henrik Udd Recording Studios. His touch gave The God Machine a tranquil, gleaming, yet brutally heavy sound.

The Album

Steel Prophet - The God MachineThe album kicks off with the head-banging title song “The God Machine“, featuring torturous rhythms, fast licks, and catchy arena styled choruses laying the groundwork for “Crucify” which along with “Dark Mask (Between Love And Hate)” will take the listener back to the best Metal years. With “Thrashed Relentlessly” you get the very definition of metal guitars. Songs like “Damnation Calling” and “Lucifer/The Devil Inside” will remind you of the mighty Sabbath Headless Cross, Tony Martin era. The album’s multidimensional yet classic Heavy Metal marker is, in time unmasked to the listener as soon as the power ballad “Buried And Broken” kicks in! The God Machine is an excellent and high octane metal album that will become an instant classic among STEEL PROPHET’s catalogue, as well as any Metalhead’s!

Bang that head loud & Proud!



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