SYRENCE – Freedom In Fire (Album Review)

Once again, the Hard Rock/Metal Gods have blessed us with a good old fashion, in your face straight up metal act. There is no nonsense with the sound, just old school sounding metal. Syrence is just that. That high tech industrial sounding metal will not be found on anywhere on Freedom in Fire. This is simply back to basics, Hard Rock/Metal, and I personally thank the Metal Gods for that.

A Brief History

The band originally named Epic Fail back in their 2008 school days, consisted of Maximilian Ruppert (vocals), Oliver Schlosser (guitar), Luca Hauser (keyboard), and Arndt Strich (drums) all from Weil der Stadt, Germany. Shortly afterward Fritz Jolas joined on bass. With this line-up, the concerts and contests were played with nothing but original material. In 2011 the band redubbed themselves Syrence and brought in yet another member Quoc Viet Nguyen on rhythm guitar. He was replaced a year later by Marcus Lamparth. Soon another big change in the line-up came with the departure of Max Ruppert, and Luca Hauser.

In 2015 Johnny Vox stepped in as the new vocalist. With this addition, the sound completely tied in with the 80’s metal era. After a decade in 2016, Syrence released their first demo EP 5.0 with five original tracks. They played internationally among others at the 3 Days in Rock festival in Bologna, Italy. The changes in the line-up weren’t over, however. Marcus Lamparth left the band in 2017, and Julian Barkholz joined to complete the sound once again and brought the sound around again to what we now have.

The Album

Syrence - Freedom in FireFrom the opener on this album, title track “Freedom in Fire,” you can hear the band influences, Savatage, Annihilator, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Skull Fist, Bullet, Kreator, just to name a few. With a Rob Halford type vocal on this one, I was immediately grinning ear to ear and air-drumming along.  All throughout the Freedom in Fire album, I was seeing the visuals in my head as if I was standing front row centre, watching a future metal legend on stage.

The standout song to me has to be a toss-up among the third track, “Your War” or the second to last track, “Kings of Speed.” Actually, the entire album is really fantastic, but these two, in particular, had me moving in my seat!

Final Thoughts

So If you’re craving that old school metal feel, and still want something fresh, new and exciting that will have you either banging your head, strumming that air guitar, or pounding your feet like you’re playing a double bass drum, then I cannot recommend SyrenceFreedom in Fire enough. Go grab this one, that’s an order!

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  1. Freedom in Fire
  2. Living On The Run
  3. Your War
  4. Fozzy’s Song
  5. Addicted
  6. Symphony
  7. From Ashes To The Sky
  8. Evil Force
  9. Red Gold
  10. Wild Time
  11. Kings Of Speed
  12. Seven Oaks


  • Franz Neumann “Johnny Vox” – Vocals
  • Oliver Schlosser “Oschlo” – Guitars, Background Vocals
  • Julian Barkholz “Juli” – Guitars
  • Fritz Jolas “Fritz” – Bass, Background Vocals
  • Arndt Streich “Strikar” – Drums



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