In this second Beaver Buzz, we get to shine the spotlight on Virginia’s Shumaun.  They are a prog metal band with an incredible line in thinking music and intelligent lyrics.  Imagine a younger and hungrier Dream Theater and add in additional musical influences from across the world.

We have got history too.  One of my first reviews for Decibel Geek was for their fantastic debut album in 2015 and I have twice interviewed vocalist/guitarist/lyricist Fahad “Zink” Hossain, who is a great dude.

SHUMAUN – History

Shumaun initially started as a solo project by Zink (ex-singer/guitarist/keyboardist of the excellent progressive metal outfit Iris Divine).  Through the course of recording their self-titled debut album, Shumaun had difficulty securing a drummer. Original drummer Tanvir Tomal (ex-Iris Divine) had to leave for professional obligations in the middle of the recording sessions.  He was later replaced with Waqar Khan (Entity Paradigm). Waqar remained with the band long enough to record a few tracks on the debut record as well as appear live for some of the earlier shows. He later had to leave due to professional obligations that required relocation.

Travis Orbin (Darkest Hour, Periphery) and Mark Zonder (Fates Warning) recorded the remaining drums on the debut record that was released in the fall of 2015. However, Tanvir Tomal returned to the band by the time the debut album was released.

2019 saw the band release their sophomore album titled One Day Closer to Yesterday.

As their biog eloquently describes, “the Shumaun sound is shaped by the soaring vocals and lead guitar work of Farhad Hossain, the pounding melodic bass lines of Jose Mora, the subtle guitar nuances of Tyler Kim, and the technical and groove-oriented drumming of Tanvir Tomal.


Their first self-titled album was an artistic triumph, full of wonder and authentic emotional charge.  The guitar work of Zink and Tyler is searing, with a nod to bands such as Queensryche and classic Marillion.

The songs are weighty works of art, that have heart and intelligence in equal measure.  They may take some listening to, but repeated exposure peels back the layers of craft that never fails to impress.

I still listen to the album regularly.  The power of songs such as “The Drop” or “Floods” makes my world heal in my constantly anxious brain.  Art is the one element that separates us from the animal kingdom and this is high-level sonic sorcery.

The second release is a great slab of molten prog metal.   One Day Closer to Yesterday stretches the sound with sage nods to Peter Gabriel-era Genesis and takes a shorter song structure route.  However, the fifteen-minute plus title track shines and I do rather like the whole journey that the longer songs take you on.

The Future

The band has been recording their third album and Zink has kept himself busy during lockdown recording fantastic cover songs (from artists like The Beatles and Pet Shop Boys).

I look forward to hearing any new music from Shumaun and recommend them highly for lovers of progressive metal/rock.  They are the new face of rock music that is a refreshing change of pace!

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