Blitzkrieg - Loud and ProudNew release from: BlitzkriegLoud and Proud December 06, 2019

BLITZKRIEG formed in 1980 and besides the legendary album “A Time Of Change” from 1985, the band is known for the close connection to METALLICA. METALLICA recorded the song “Blitzkrieg” on the 1984 “Creeping Death” single plus the 1998 “Garage Days Inc” album and has performed the song on a regular basis live.

Blitzkrieg’s latest album ”Judge Not” was released through Mighty Music in April last year and gained a lot of great reviews from the press. As a treat for the fans Blitzkrieg will release this new EP ”Loud and Proud” on CD & 12”. The EP contains different versions of the songs from ”Judge Not” and newer songs that were never released, which include:

Loud and Proud Tracks:

1. Loud and Proud (Judge Not album version)

2.Without You (alternate version), which has Brian Ross doing lead vocals on it, as the version that was released on ”Judge Not” featured Alan Ross on lead vocals.

3.Falling Into Darkness (orchestrated version)- this version is different to the version that appeared on the ”Judge Not” album. It has its orchestrated parts on the mix. Also it has been re-mixed by Phil Davies (who recorded all the Judge not sessions).

4.Together (We Are Strong) – a back catalogue Blitzkrieg track which was rerecorded as a bonus track for Japan. Although this version differs from the version on the album ”Theatre of the Damned”, as this has been recorded more in the way the original demo of the track sounded

5.After Dark – an old Blitzkrieg track that is featured in the live set. This was orginally recorded as a bonus track for the Japanese release of ”Judge Not”.

6.Schools Out – cover version of the Alice Cooper track , which was recorded as a bonus track during the ”Judge Not” sessions

Blitzkrieg will celebrate the release with a show at this years Nordic Noise UK Festival in Newcastle on November 22nd.

Blitzkrieg live 2019/20:

12/10 Old Grave Festival (Romania) 16/11 Metal Weekend Festival (Spain) 22/11 Nordic Noise UK 11/1 Mangualde Hardmetal Fest (Portugal)


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