HUNTER - Hungry Heart (April 30, 2021)

HUNTER – Hungry Heart

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New release from: HUNTER – Hungry Heart (April 30, 2021)

In the future, the world has gone out. Humans no longer exist and the cyber beings who inhabit it have no soul or feelings. There is no music. Their metallic hearts devoid of life are just part of the machinery that moves their bodies. But one day a cyborg finds an abandoned old car with a license plate saying APR3021 (April 30/21). It’s decided to repair the vehicle. Something makes her have a sense of curiosity for the first time and decides to travel in time until that date. What will I find?

Upon discovering HUNTER‘s Rock, his heart begins to wake up and cast a fire that awakens his senses. For the first time feels hungry for living. Decide it’s time to bring that energy, that hunger, those feelings to your future to wake everyone up. Find the band and together they take the journey. Upon arriving, HUNTER gives a concert to the thousands of cyborgs and so they wake up the hungry heart of each of them “.

Well, that’s the story, the concept behind the art of our album which was so masterfully led to reality by Bulgarian artist Stanislav Atanasov. We finally reached this year where we can unveil this work that kept us busy for two years. In March our label Lion’s Pride Music will release our first promo music video for the record that will have 14 tracks. Soon we will notify everything relating to presales, places where the album can be purchased and other news. A hug!!


01. Hungry Heart
02. Tore Love
03. Far Away
04. Love Hunter
05. Sad Eyes
06. Destination
07. Rise Up
08. Snake
09. Somebody Said (Love Is Like A Lonely World)
10. Tonight
11. We Gotta Fight
12. Warmer Love


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