IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK - School of Rock Calgary (Concert Review)

IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK – School of Rock Calgary

As the Calgary weather stormed it seemed for a short while that this show might not happen. However, the people over at School of Rock Calgary were determined to put on an amazing show while also considering the safety of everyone involved. So, what started as a small show in a local park finished as your classic garage concert experience. Tents, lawn chairs, and a community full of some amazing fans, proud parents, and one of the best Calgary bands going. This Sunday’s lineup consisted of the House Bands, Bloody Monroe, and IN VERTIGO! This was an amazing way to get back to regular life after the challenging year we have all been through.

House Bands

So, while it was amazing to be standing alongside rockstars it was obvious that the future of rock in Calgary was singing loud and proud right before my eyes. Covering blues and rock ‘n’ roll these rockstars even took on the task of Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin. Showing off some amazing vocal ranges, dropping some of the nastiest bass lines I have heard, and nailing those triplets in “The Ocean” cover would make the great John Bonham proud. Oh, and there were a few kids just shredding the guitar. But they’re going to get all the attention in their careers the way they played. So let’s focus on everyone else today.  They proved song after song that the future of rock in Calgary is strong.

Bloody Monroe

Bloody Monroe-School Of Rock Calgary-Ryan Anthony

Photograph by Ryan Anthony

Bloody Monroe rocked the “stage” next, and they did a fantastic job. This trio showed off some impressive, heavy, grungy rock that was perfect for the garage setup. Maxwell McFadyen turns on his rockstar personality with the bass in his hand providing a performance-ready for any stage in town. Drummer Nathan Raboud played earlier in the day with In Vertigo frontman Reed Alton for a couple of songs. This time he was in his element. Hair let loose and ready to lay down the backbone for all-around solid performance. Influenced by the likes of Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, mixed in with some great ride use akin to Dave Lombardo.

I talked to Bloody Monroe singer Michael Green before the show.  He mentioned how he has been working on Bloody Monroe for 10 years. It has been a struggle to find musicians that work and are dedicated to the cause. However, this time he believes he has the right formula to try to help bring rock back to the mainstream.  One of Michael‘s influences without hesitation is Jimi Hendrix, and he would love to tour with Metallica, System of a Down, or Tool. Be sure to check out Bloody Monroe who will be playing River City Rockfest on October 15th, 2021.


In Vertigo

One of the biggest rock bands in Calgary, In Vertigo, was up next. These rockstars went from just casually hanging out on what would normally be a quiet residential street in SW Calgary to lighting up the makeshift House of Rock Stage with a powerful performance. The crazy part is this was just the warm-up. With several festivals and shows lined up, In Vertigo is sure to keep busy providing some sure-to-be legendary performances. Reed Alton’s vocals are the centrepiece of a new line up adding guitarist Brandon Haddow, and drummer Carter Bews to the mix.  Shaddy K‘s guitar and rockstar personality also shone through some amazing solos that would blow away any stage but were also perfect for this garage concert. What an amazing show, I can’t wait to see these guys perform for years to come.


Bloody Monroe-School Of Rock Calgary-Ryan Anthony

Bloody Monroe: Photograph by Ryan Anthony

Good To Be Back

What an awesome day for music, bringing people back to their roots and enjoying some good old rock n roll. The School of Rock Calgary put on an amazing show that would not be hindered by mother nature no matter how hard she struck. It’s exciting to be out at shows again after all the craziness of the past year. Seeing people’s faces light up, or the light in a proud mothers’ eyes as she watches her son set off on an incredible career path in the music industry is what it is all about. One thing is for certain, it is good to be back.

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Ryan Anthony

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