KICKIN VALENTINA - The Revenge Of Rock (Album Review)

KICKIN VALENTINA – The Revenge Of Rock

The Revenge Of Rock Is Upon Us

One of my most anticipated albums of 2021 has reached my music hungry ears and I can honestly say it’s exactly what I needed to kick off my year of 2021.

The boys from Kickin Valentina are back, and back with The Revenge of Rock. The boys stayed active during the Covid lockdown, and recorded this album as much as they could, with teaser videos being posted all the time. I think that the gang was ready to break the camera that Jimmy Berdine kept sticking into their personal space.

It’s all good, and the result was another great set of tunes from the KV gang! With 2020 being much of a write off for mostly all musicians, and live venues, it has been a hope of many that our favourite artists used the downtime to create and make the most of the time. Now it’s time to get out there and buy the music and some great merch from their websites because usually, they depend on touring income, and they need us just as much as we need them.

Get Ready For The Freakshow

Available January 22, 2020, from Mighty Music Records/Target Group The Revenge Of Rock is just that. A straight kick to the gut and a much-needed kick in the ass to get us up and raise those horns in the air. “Freak Show” just does that. Being the most unapologetic band from the US in many years, “Freak Show” starts off the third album from these guys. The lyrics state, “Number One With A Bullet” and with the way things kick off here, it very well could be. Singer D.K. Revelle lends his vocals as only he can. The beats from Jimmy Berdine are just slammin. Guitarist Heber Pampillon might have to change his strings each time he plays this one! Chris Taylor keeps it all in the tight little pocket with his bass tones.

“Somebody New” was the first single from The Revenge of Rock and man did it cause a stir! Very melodic, and still in your face, and the lyrics tell a great story, but the video did exactly what a video should, and that is to send it through the roof. It has been a while since so many folks are talking about just one video. Social media just blew up with this track. Causing a little controversy with two women (very hot women!) and the possible message it alludes to. It has to be seen to be understood, but that doesn’t take away from such a killer track.

That Strange Rat Race

KICKIN VALENTINA - The Revenge Of RockAnother track that was posted about in the possible tracklisting is “Rat Race”. Starting with more of those punished skins from Berdine, and bloody fingers from Heber, “Rat Race” takes D.K.‘s vocals to another zone in the beginning. Not sure who wrote this one, but the lyrics seem personal and the endless struggle to “Escape this Rat %#@%# Race”. Then again this could really be applied to anyone that’s stuck in the daily rut of work, home, and repeat.

“Strange” is just that. Kind of a different vibe than we expect from the KV gang. Very much melodic, and D.K.’s voice is in a completely different range here, and that’s also what makes it work. The familiar sounds come in when they reach the “higher” part. Simple yet extremely effective here. This song took this listener a few goes before it got stuck, but once it did, it was there permanently.

The Midpoint

Having nine tracks on this album, and a playing time of 40 minutes, you have an album that really is kind of diverse in its sounds and influence but remaining as one unit at the same time. Somehow it just works. “Looking For Me” falls into the midpoint of the album, and with a great riff to kick it off, and D.K. singing over top before the rest of the mob come in you almost get a very old-school feeling here. It’s a great bridge tune right in the middle. Let’s call it the intermission of the album, but not the type to walk away for a piss break!

KICKIN VALENTINA - The Revenge Of Rock“War” is set to be the third single to come from The Revenge Of Rock. At the time of writing this D.K. Revelle has been posting pictures of the Kickin Valentina gang recording the video. The song however is a return of the KV that many know and love. Steel toe boots to the nether regions is the best way to describe this one. Every band member is in top form here, and the groove to this song is guaranteed to get the folks off their seats during any live show. The chorus is built to engage a live crowd, and even at home, you want to thrust those arms in the air and chant “WAR” right along with them.

End Of The Road

“Heart Tattoo” is probably the only wild card in the pack. It’s not a new track either. I would personally love to know the story behind the inclusion of this track. Previously released on a D.K. project called The Beautifully Demolished and their self-titled 6 track EP from 2013. The KV guys do it justice, but it could be considered the ballad of the album.

Last year the phrase “End Of The Road” was all about the final KISS tour, now it has a whole new meaning. The second single and to be released from the band, this could be “Somebody New” part two, another very catchy, single-ready track. Nothing else to say about this track except 10 outta 10.

“The Revenge of Rock” sums up the album perfectly and also closes out the album. Wicked guitars and slamming bass, and drums that are getting the hell beat out of them. Throw in some wicked ass vocals, and you have exactly the perfect tune to close the album off and make you want to replay the whole thing over again. Beats going out on a ballad like many have over the last few years. Another song that will truly be a live gem with crowd interaction. High energy and has a much-needed bass riff in it to get the blood flowing.

Kickiin Valentina Group

Taken From Kickin Valentina Facebook Page

Psycho Thoughts

The Revenge Of Rock is the album to start the year off! If you are seeking some great Hard Rock this January, this is the one to grab! My only complaint is it could have used maybe another 3 tracks! Maybe I’m just being greedy, but thank God they have a back catalogue of great tunes, and albums, and some great stuff from D.K. Revelle’s past bands as well.

This is truly one that will probably stick around my playlist for quite a while, and hopefully, shortly the guys can get out there playing live again, and I just might get the chance to see them.




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  1. Freak Show
  2. Somebody New
  3. Rat Race
  4. Strange
  5. Lookin’ For Me
  6. War
  7. Heart Tattoo
  8. End Of The Road
  9. The Revenge Of Rock


  • D.K. Revelle – Vocals
  • Heber Pampillon – Guitars
  • Chris Taylor – Bass
  • Jimmy Berdine – Drums