LADY BEAST - Vultures Amulet (Album Review)

LADY BEAST – Vultures Amulet

As many regular followers of myself, CGCM Podcast or my former affiliations with Decibel Geek are well aware of my undying love for the Pittsburgh based metal band Lady Beast. I always felt an uplifting from listening to their music. I mean, music has that ability in general, but it was definitely a stronger pull than most with Lady Beast‘s debut album. A proud supporter, I have purchased almost everything possible merchandise wise. Seen them live on a good few occasions, most involving lengthy, out of country travel, and even one multi-date stalking tour through the US midwest. Now with that proclaimed, it should also be noted that I do not write this review out of friendship or blind support. I write this review/blog because I believe, as I do their other works, this album is simply incredible to my ears.

Lady Beast hails from Pittsburgh, USA. The beginnings of Lady Beast trace back to 2008/9, but it wasn’t until 2011/12 that the lineup solidified with frontwoman Deborah Levine, drummer Adam Ramage, bassist Greg Colaizzi and the twin axe assault of Tommy Kinnett and Chris “Twiz” Tritschler. A few things have changed since the early days, most notably the departure of Kinnett some years ago. Making way for current axe-slinger and elder brother of stalwart Lady Beast skin basher Adam Ramage, Andy is a perfect choice. Unfortunately, the news recently announced has bassist Greg Colaizzi stepping aside. But never fear, Amy Bianco is picking up the 4-string as the newest member of Lady Beast.

LADY BEAST – The Vulture’s Amulet

Nine ripping traditional metal styled face-melters are contained in Vultures Amulet. Five are north of the 5-minute mark and one an instrumental, Lady Beast have again delivered a solid collection. The first three tracks are in order “Metal Machine”, “Runes of Rust” and “The Gift”. “The Gift” was the first single and taste of the album unveiled. You can read my blog review of that song here: Lady Beast – “The Gift” (Single Review). Two weeks later “Runes of Rust” followed and then “Metal Machine”, the day before album release (which was April 03, 2020). These three are all very strong and represent Lady Beast well. If you are already familiar, you will not be disappointed here.

Then the album for me gets decidedly better. Not that I dislike the first three, don’t get me wrong, but I just feel the release gets even stronger as it goes on. My favourite track on the whole thing, “Sacrifice to the Unseen”, kicks off the upswing in the fourth spot. The ominous intro ramps up with thundering drums giving way into an unrelentingly, punishingly, angry riff. The venom oozing through Deborah Levine‘s vocals is in a word: chilling.

Another fast and furious ripper assaults next in “Betrayer”. It’ll leave your neck stiff and beads of sweat formulating on your brow! I’m sure most of us as humans can relate to the lyrical content in one way or another. “The Champion” is more atmospheric in its beginnings and grinds along for almost five and a half minutes. “Transcend the Blade” serves as the aforementioned instrumental.

“The Vulture’s Amulet” and “Vow of the Valkyrie” are a tag-team combo of strength and power to complete the collection. I love the riffs and thunderous basslines that this band builds into their songs and both of these are fine examples of that. The foot taps, the head nods, and they compel your fist into the air with no resistance.

Meister’s Word

Another fine album by Pittsburgh’s Lady Beast! Yes, I’m biased, but I do truly love it. The band really blossomed once Andy Ramage joined on guitar and they seem to get stronger with each release. Sad that Greg is leaving, but hopefully Amy Bianco can keep the momentum of Lady Beast driving forward! Long live the Beast! Listen to the singles below and see for yourself. If you like them, you love this release!

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