LINDSAY SCHOOLCRAFT - Garrison Toronto (Photo Gallery)ShawnAnimalizeIrwin of CGCM Podcast recently attended Lindsay Schoolcraft‘s concert in Toronto. The gig, held at The Garrison, served as the album release party for her debut solo effort titled Martyr. The album became available in October and Shawn reviewed it here for CGCM. As a big fan, Shawn also visited Lindsay for an audio interview about her and the Martyr album. Links to both appear below. Here Shawn shares his captures of the live show Lindsay SchoolcraftGarrison Toronto in this photo gallery. Watch for a full written concert review coming soon!

An Oshawa, Ontario, Canada native, Schoolcraft plays in the band Cradle of Filth from the UK. She joined Cradle of Filth in 2013 and since then she has embarked on many world tours. Schoolcraft is currently working with the band on their new album which will be her 3rd album with the group.

Martyr Album Review / Lindsay Schoolcraft Interview

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Lindsay Schoolcraft – Garrison Toronto (Photo Gallery)