WICKED SMILE - Delirium (Album Review)


Take huge amounts of talent and hit Frappe! The result is a tasty EP dish called Wicked SmileDelirium. A dish that will make any music lover smile with a truly wicked grin.

Wicked Smile – Delirium

For me, it all began one day while scrolling through my Facebook, and I see some cool artwork. Clicking on the link and seeing some names that called out to me. Stevie Janevski (The Radio Sun) and Paul Laine (The Defiants) as the producer and guest player. I could not click the link fast enough to check it out. The sound that hit my ears was pure rock. Wicked SmileDelirium single  We Fall” was an assault to my senses. Not just that but the lyrics were profound at the time I was hearing it. 

“Bad boys with their divas always fighting a losing war
Denim, leather, tattoos screaming out for something more
While leaders of the free world fall in love with their own fame
They try to sell you freedom while they wrap you up in chains
And now you’re gonna speak the truth while you keep on living a lie
You can’t change the world if you stand divided
There’ll be nothing more if we’re not united”

 About Wicked Smile 

The band hails from Melbourne Australia and fronted by the charismatic lead vocalist Danny Cecati (ex-Pegazus Eyefear) with Stevie Janevski (The Radio Sun, ex-Black Majesty) on guitars. This four-song disc is produced by Paul Laine (The Defiants) who also plays bass and sings backing vocals on the EP. Drums are assaulted by T.B.R. Coming in at just under 15 minutes, this EP packs a huge punch. As I mentioned before the lyrics are brilliant and fit well with me at the time since we were still in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, but more on the album in a bit lets focus more on the band members. 

Danny and Stevie are no strangers to the stage. Both are seasoned veterans of touring on some of the largest festival stages around the world.  Having been on the stage at such as Wacken Open Air, Hard Rock HellScreamfest, and Masters of Rock to just name a few. Gather that talent and add the bass of Paul Laine, and the mastering by Bruno Ravel and you have a must-have EP being created. 

 Four Pieces Makes a Whole 

WICKED SMILE - Delirium (Album Review)The first track and first single to be released was “We Fall”. Just take a moment and look back up…those lyrics are from this song. At a time when the world has never been more divided, and under more scrutiny than ever with social disorder, and chaos, between pandemics, collapsing economies, and human rights, this song nails it 

“You can’t change the world if you stand divided.  Can we say anything more truthful? 

Next up on this EP is “Stronger.”  Written by Janevski, it has a great guitar riff throughout and slamming drums.  Again, it is all in the lyrics here!

“You can try to knock me down, you can try to push me ‘round I will be stronger”

Thirdly is “Loves Got A Hold on You” with a heavy charging guitar intro, and its chugging lyric delivery, it is not the ballad one would expect for the song title. This is going to be a great one livePlay it loud, and proud, and raise your fist in the air, because this one is going to be a for sure crowd pleaser. 

Lastly, we have “Daze of Delirium”. Phaser guitars and brutal hits to the skin of the drums bring you into the song, and the powerhouse vocals take you the rest of the way! A song about addiction cleverly written as a woman, or one’s love if you want to interpret that way. Regardless it is another hard rocking track you will not turn off! 

Wicked Smile 

Now with having told you all about the EP, and who was on it, that does not mean that is who is touring as the band. I reached out to Stevie and asked him about the recent additions I have seen posted on social media. Getting back to me he said that the band on the EP was just for recording. So now the true lineup is Danny Cecati on vocals, Stevie Janevski on guitars, Jon Bonnici also on guitars, Glen Cav handles the bass, and Jason Tyro handles the drums. I can just imagine what the sound will be live with a twin guitar attack in the mix! Also, with Stevie’s and Danny‘s chops, I am positive that they have selected nothing but the best to bring it to the live stage and on a future recording…I have been also told by Stevie that a full-length album is already underway! 


So, what else can be saidI could just say go buy Wicked SmileDelirium, that you would not be disappointed, but you guys already know this. I could say support the artists etc. etc, but you also already know this. I can say this though 

Truly I love this EP! Wicked SmileDelirium has been in regular rotation in my musical listening, and I am always telling others to give it a listen. Truly an EP that deserves two HUGE thumbs up from me, and I cannot wait to hear a full album from this talented new band to come into my repertoire of music. So, to all the guys in Wicked Smile, I’ve nothing to say but thank you.

Guys, this is how to do it right.


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  1. We Fall
  2. Stronger
  3. Love Has Got A Hold On You
  4. Daze Of Delirium

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